Shuvo noboborsho 1427 14th April 2020 Bangla Noboborsho

Shuvo noboborsho is one of the best and nice day to all bangali. All bangali people celebrate this day with some amazing entertanments. In this day peoples are eat panta elish. All people wear red and white dress to color this day. All colleges and schools students arrange some nice entertainment. In this post you will get all nice and best shuvo noboborsho card images.

Shuvo noboborsho hd image:

Like every year shuvo noboborsho is come on pohela Boishakh. That means the first day of Bangla month Boishakh.

Shuvo noboborsho hd image

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Shuvo noboborsho facebook cover photo

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Shuvo noboborsho facebook profile picture

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Shuvo noboborsho wallpaper

You can enjoy the shuvo noboborsho with these amazing images and also quotes. All images and quotes very nice. So if you share these images with anyone, thay will love these surely.

Bangla shuvo noboborsho wishes:

Here i have posted some bangla wishes for this special day shuvo noboborsho. You will like when read all of these quotes and sms.

Shuvo noboborsho with quote

akaser sob niil diye, provater sob lall diye,
ridoyer sobb onuvuti diye, somudrer sob
govirota diye, tomake janai.
Shuvo noboborsho.

din guli jemoni hok, thikoi jay kete,
tobuo bolo ki lav, purono sriti ghete,
e bochor purno hok, tomar shokol asha
noboborshe etai amr prottasha.
**** Shuvo Noboborsho ****

Notun ei din, notun ei alo,
notun ei bochor, notun kichu valo,
notun kichu kotha, notun kichu asha,
notun kore jibon niye notun sopno dekha.
((( Shuvo Noboborsho )))

Purono joto hotasha, dukkho, obosadh,
notun bochor seguloke korun dhulisshat,
sukh, anonde muche jak sokol zatona.
Shuvo noboborsho.

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