Pohela boishakh pic

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Pohela boishakh pic:

pohela boishakh pic

pohela boishakh image

pohela boishakh photo

pohela boishakh picture

pohela boishakh shuvo noboborsho

shuvo noboborsho

shuvo pohela boishakh

About Pohela Boishakh:

Pahela Boishakh (the first month of the Bengali calendar) was the first day of Baishakh, Bangla New Year. The day is the day of the anniversary of the traditional Bengali nation. The day is celebrated with the special festival as New Year in Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. Bengalis living in Tripura also participate in this festival. As a result, it is considered as a universal folk festival of BengaliWhen I was young, I did not understand much at the time.There was no such idea about Pahela Boishakh.But the first Baishakhata was completely different in the rural environment.

It is said that we have never been busy with eating hilsa as level.On the night before Pahela Baishakh, the mother would tell me at the time of eating our rice, Tomorrow is the first day of the year.Bad use with someone, quarrel can not be done.We talked to mother that the first day of the year will go very well. Although our brothers and sisters are engaged in a quarrel !! Mother would say, good on the first day of the year will be good all year.We did not end up thinking about this good. More bengali shayari photo

On the eve of Pahela Boishakh, I had thought of doing good work in the neighborhood. Another interesting thing was that it was then. The elderly grandfather of the village had various kinds of rice shells, booths, neem leaves, about ten to fourteen kinds of items were kept on the day of Pahela Baishakh. For our dacoit to eat together.We were very happy to keep the whole day together in the hope of being good for the whole year.Over time, everything has increased in everything.Now the boys are walking around the streets wearing a strange peculiar clothes.

Everyone is celebrating the festival of coloring.We did not buy new clothes at least for the first time in Baishakh. Whether buying this day or the whole year would have to be bought.Buying clothes in these fears !! Perhaps there were many reasons for the mother to say this, many things could have been taken by using the excuse of the poor or middle-class families.However, now I do not know if there is anything called Pahela Boishakh.But this generation of the generation will learn what they will learn from next generation . Do not be the distance, culture and country love!s.

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