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Ramadan Mubarak. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah How are you all Hopefully, with the grace of Allah, good. Holy month of Ramadan Mubarak is coming. And this is a small effort in my preparation as part of preparing this month before Ramadan Mubarak. What to do before the month of Ramadan, what to do. In this essay, the significance of this month can be found in an essay with significance. There are adequate tips online, they can also be seen. If we can change a bit from our current position, the essence of this article is.Ramadan mubarak

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Let’s start by discussing the importance of daily, dignity, benefits and accessories.

Importance of Ramadan Mubarak:

The Prophet (pbuh) said that in my month of Ramadan, five favors have been given to my Ummah which has not been given to the previous Ummah –

(1) The smell of the mouth of the fasting is more scandal than Allah’s face
(2) The angels prayed for fasting till the Iftar
(3) Jannat is decorated daily for fasting
(4) Satan is captured
(5) On the last night of Ramadan, all the Ummahs are forgiven.

Benefits of Ramadan mubarak:

1) The shield of protection from hell
2) The best way to enter Paradise and the opportunity to enter Paradise through the special door of Raian
3) One of the means of miscarriage
4) Fasting will be auspicious for the believer on the Day of Resurrection
5) Raza will reward Allah with his hands
6) Conduct and character is beautiful through fasting
7) Fasting keeps people in the Hereafter
8) Social empathy and brotherhood makes sense
9) This is a secret secret worship between Allah and His servant so that the relation between God and His servant becomes stronger
10) An unprecedented training of worship of Allah.

The month of Ramadan is the month of Ramadan, the month of Ramadan and the salvation and salvation. In this month the great Qur’an was revealed, so this month is worth more than thousand months. In this month, 1 Nuffal Salat is equal to one of the obligatory prayers, and 1 is equivalent to the 70 obligatory prayers. subhanALLAH. One rakat salat is equal to 70 rakat prayers, if someone performs two rakats at Fajr, 4 rakats in the johar, 4 rakats in the rooms, 3 rakats in Maghrib and raising 4 rakat eksar rakat, but in 1 day, 1190 rakats only performed the prayers and the remaining prayers If you add it will be much more.  Get more images on photovx.
Do not miss out on the chance to get the chance or you will take it now. What we have been able to add to our own bureaucracy There is no guarantee of Ramadan once again in life, this is the golden opportunity for all sins of life. In addition to prayers, in the case of recitation of the Qur’an, the same golden opportunity was one letter which was 10 times other, and in the month of Ramadan, it is 700 naka. If you donate 1 rupee in this month, 70 rupees will be donated, if you give 2 rupees, you will be given 140 rupees, and if you pray two rakat 140 rakat prayers will be read. All good works 1 to 70, Saramas has the chance to be aware of this time right now.

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