Sent martin island in bangladesh

Sent martin island in Bangladesh sent martin dip beside cox,s bazar. It at bay of bengal, It,s area 8 kilometer. Its, width 0.5 kilometer. Every day many people go there for vacation. Many tourist go there from abroad. Bangladeshi government earn huge Revenue from this resort. In the sent martin island you will get many stall. There you will get many good and charming products. Bangladeshi people like to go there. Mostly people are go there at time of Eid vacation. The sent martin is most famous for honeymoon for newly married couple. Every day more and more are going there for get some good moment with their family and friends. 

All Bangladeshi called it sent martin dip. If you want to go there, you have bought ticket for bus. The most easy way to go there by bus. This is then border part of Bangladesh in which side is Myanmar country. On there you will see the best scenery of nature. The sea-side is very beautiful on the beach. There is so many coconut tree you will see. You will also get probal on the beside beach. You can take bath on the sea-side. There also you can ride the horse. It may take some money from you.

When you will go there you will fall in love of this resort. So may not lose your time. These will give you best natural experience.  Bangadeshi people so much like this island of bangladesh. Here i have posted some amazing photos of this islam. You can see these all images before going on the spot. This will help you to know more about this dip. So watch the island on this site and take dessision to go on the island. Go with your loved person and enjoy your life on he natural amazing spot.

sent martin 6


sent martin 4

sent martin 4

sent martin 3

sent martin 2

sent martin 1

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